History Of My Reading Poet

History Of My Reading Poet

This page is a continuation of previous posts on the Testimonial page.

My Reading Poet

Let’s talk domain name. This is myreadingpoet.com and it is the final product in my effort to build a blog site for my personal use.

The first name I used was Save The Child. You can read about it in the About page. I was using the free wordpress.com for my first site. Surprisingly for me, I had a lot of ideas for my site then. Long story short, the free hosting was very limiting. I had not much room to grow and expand. So I did research and found helpful articles which suggest I should move to self-hosting.

You can read this article for example, which pushed me to move my site from WordPress.com to a self-hosted WordPress blog WordPress.Org Vs WordPress.Com

Incidentally, I am currently using Interserver as my web host and domain registrar. I find it quite good for my website, as beginners go.

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

The journey was actually long, which started in late October and lasted in early December. I won’t go too into it, but suffice to say I spent a significant amount of money buying domain names and trying out different web-hosts.

I lost a lot of work in-between moving my sites, and went through two names. First there was thereadingpoet.com which went rather well but the web host was unsatisfactory. I moved to readingpoet.com wanting to start fresh but the web host I used at the time was hard to figure out. There was a lot of frustrations and I almost gave up.

As it was, I took a breather for a week to figure out which direction I wanted to go, and where I plan to take up roots.

The top most questions I asked myself was: Do I still want to write? Is it worth it for me to spend more time and money building my website? Which web hosting woud I use?

The answer to these was Yes and Do more research.

Fortunately, I’ve already been trying out Interserver at the time. Initially, I had a minor setback with their product. However, I find their Support system quite helpful.

So, I purchased a 3-month plan with them, getting a domain name and webhosting for easy maintenance.

I now am using My Reading Poet and as far as I’m concern, this should be permanent.

If I have any advice to give, it is this: Take your time and don’t rush. If it’s something that you are sure you want, then it’s worth the effort, time and even money to get it done. As it happened, I rather rushed for reasons which were my own. As a result, I spent more money and time than I should have if I had only better planned my ‘journey’ before taking up roots.

Also check out this site which helped me a lot when I first started : https://www.wpbeginner.com/

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