A Writer’s Frustrations

A Writer’s Frustrations

Writer’s Block

If you think of yourself as a writer, then you’re familiar with the frustrations a writer often faces.

I believe for most writers, the single most frustrating thing to happen to them is a writer’s block. Of course, I agree. It’s a dreaded nightmare when you find your mind locked and blocked.

“Aren’t those the same thing?” you ask. Maybe so, but perhaps not.

Regardless, your brain freezes. There’s like a gigantic, dark, heavy, block of stone suddenly materializing inside your brain and crushing all ideas and inspirations. And just like the immovable object that it is, it takes residence for an indefinite time. Like, there’s literally nothing you can write about, or think to write about.

I shudder to think about such thing happening.

I once went through this dry spell which lasted for literally years. Of course, the writer’s block was compounded by my then lack of motivation and infatuations with real life. I fancied myself too busy pursuing the real things in life to even entertain the idea of writing even a short limerick.

Once I wanted to write again, which was years later, I encountered a block. The spirit was willing, the body was ready, and the soul had all the supporting emotions. But for some reason, the mind was not co-operating. Not a single idea sparked. No inspiration strike. Nothing.

But eventually, determination won over brain-freeze. Because I was ready to write again, I actively looked around for ideas. Then I determinedly began to write my first sentence. Before I knew it, I had a whole paragraph written down. From there, it was only a matter of letting go and catching hold of that idea and letting my imagination fly. It was quite easy once this happened. It was like a dam was broken in my mind, and the water of creativity gushed out.

You know, experience tells me that one’s determination to write is a sure way to unlock the writer’s block. I have encountered many writer’s blocks since then, but determination always wins over them.

A writer’s block is a real frustration, but one which you can overcome.

More Of The Same

There are other frustrations though. Here are some I have personally experienced :

Delete a Work Or Several. When you accidentally delete a work but then you haven’t saved a copy or two. How about when you delete a whole collection of works and did not backup your content? I recently had this happened to me. Now, I didn’t accidentally delete my content, which was quite large. I purposely deleted it, because I wanted to refresh my work. The problem was, I forgot to make copies or backup my work. I even had a few works which were finished and to my satisfaction. Now I can’t remember enough of my vanished works to replicate them. I’m still upset with myself right now, days later.

Computer Or Writing Tools Malfunction. When your computer ‘hang’ just when your creative juice is flowing and you need to get them written like, right now! It’s like this. You are excitedly typing up your work and you have all the ideas. You want it completed right then, and you’re so eager to see the finished product. But suddenly, in the middle of typing, your computer stops working. Like, everything freezes; the cursor refuses to move, the keypad won’t produced letters no matter how hard you pound them, and the screen won’t budge anywhere!

Of course, this most probably is just a technology thing, specifically your computer’s issues. But still, it produces frustrations.

You have two options. First, you wait in the hope that your computer will resume working. It might or might not. Either way, you lose time and probably ideas. Second, you reboot your computer. This is fine, unless you haven’t saved your work yet before the ‘malfunction’ occurs. Then, you just lose your hard-earned work. You could retype everything, but the probability that you forget some important content is high.

This happened to me several times. I once got so frustrated when it happened that I threw a book several feet away. Of course, then I had to get up and pick up the book. I should just buy a new computer.

Distractions. When you’re on a flow, have the whole work figured out in your head, and are typing them out. Then, someone calls and distract you. And just like that your concentration breaks and you lose part of the idea. It is especially frustrating when you lose the most important part. I literally snapped at someone once for making me lose concentrations. Yeah, not my finest moment, I know. Poor person didn’t even knew why I was upset.


There are other causes of frustrations, minor or otherwise. Some you can’t help but ‘ride it through’’, such as with distractions. Others, you could avoid. For example, always save your works, preferably after a few sentences. Do backups faithfully in case of sudden technical problems or accidental deletion. It only takes a few second to click the ‘save’ button. Which reminds me, I should do that now.


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