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Poetry : My Hero, My Friend

My Hero, My Friend THIS WORLD is a field of brambles, Of briers and thorns of life; It is enough to make the meek tremble, And the weak stumbles under the strives. Life is...

Hashtags And Randomness 0

Hashtags And Randomness

Hashtags If your life is a hashtag, what would it be? Mine would be various: dreaming, bewildered, marching on, curious, hopeful, thankful, thoughtful, random… No, I can’t have just the one. Because that’s life,...


Familiar Dreams Of A Writer

I have a set of rules I made up for myself when I first started to think of writing as not just a hobby but a possible career option. It might not worked out...


The Emotional Author

These Pesky But Relevant Questions Here’s a question, “Do you have to be a traveler in order to be a good writer?” How about, “Do you have to experience Love and Heartache in order...

Simple Simon’s Adventure (Part 1) 1

Simple Simon’s Adventure (Part 1)

Simple Simon Begins In the land of great foolishness, a simple man is akin to a wise man. Simon is a simple man, everyone says so. His mother says so, his father says so,...