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What is your legacy? What would you want to leave behind for your loved ones? Would it be something good, that which they can be proud of and to continue? Or, is your legacy...


Living Your Dreams

Firstly, Do Not Procrastinate I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I have mentioned this fact several times in my site here. But wanting is not going to be enough, you have to want...


7 Important Things To Do In 2019

We are already almost at the end of March. And if there’s one thing I know about having resolutions, it is that it’s never too late to have them. For that matter, it’s never...


Not Going Down With This Ship

The Titanic Syndrome The legend goes that a captain always goes down with his sinking ship. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be deserving of his command if he bails out. In other words, if his ship...

The NaySayers 1

The NaySayers

Say Nay To The NaySayers! “Argh, goshdarnit, my head hurts!” I whine loudly. I feel like picking up my computer and throwing it across the room. But then, I’d have to clean up the...



The Alien Being Let’s say that you are different, and that you are not at all like others around you. But I am repeating myself. Are we talking about matters of the physical, or...