Poetry : My Adored Love

Poetry : My Adored Love


MY LOVE, sweet is the moment when I think of you,
Glorious is the day and the sky so blue;
The brightness of the Sun, the lightness of the breeze,
The perfumed flowers – this is your kiss.
The cool, soft touch of the falling rain,
The gentle caress of your loving hand.
The music of the brooks – oh so dear,
The sound of your voice, whispering in my ear.

Dearest, these things I love because of you,
I cherish and adore as a lover so true;
I guard and hide, oh so jealously,
Until you my love, are here beside me.
Love, far you may be – oh, so many miles,
Yet nothing can outshine the splendor of your smile.
Distance you are, yet not forever,
I know you’ll come back to your own true lover.



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