BonBon The Kitten

BonBon The Kitten

Here’s BonBon, aka Cocktail!

This tiny orange furball of endless energy is BonBon, also known as Cocktail. She was a stray kitten, someone threw her away.

My sister, bless her heart, found her and took her home. She’s ours now, and our home is a brighter place because of her.

You know, sometimes even animals can help you realize how good you have it, in terms of having a home and family. Things we take for granted until we meet someone who does not have one or both.

Well, BonBon was unwanted, nameless, and I assume an orphan. Thank God my sister found her when she did. A life is a life, and I daresay even a little kitten deserve a chance for a home and a family.

Now, she has a name, a home and a family of humans who love and adore her.

My little nieces especially adore her and her playful antics.

Here, in the video, she is playing with an insect. Don’t worry, it’s harmless. Anyway, BonBon knows not to bite more than she can’t chew, pun intended, ha!


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