Maleficent 2: Mistress Of Evil Review

Maleficent 2: Mistress Of Evil Review

Definitely contains spoilers, so proceed at your own risk.

Maleficent Spoilers-filled Review

So I watched Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil. I’ll review it a bit.

First of all, as anyone invested in this movie has already known by now, let’s make it clear that the delectable Brenton Thwaites is no longer playing the part of Prince Philip. Harris Dickinson is. I’ve never heard of Harris Dickinson before and I’m not sure if I have his name right. I personally still want Thwaites as Philip, no offense to Dickinson. In fact, I even imagined Thwaites playing Philip throughout the entire movie.

I’m not a fan of characters being recast within the same movies, especially ones which have grown on me.

Secondly, I’m glad Thwaites is not playing him in this sequel because Philip is hardly there, as in his presence is very….insignificant. This is very ironic because he pretty much started the whole plot with his proposal to Aurora. And the movie pretty much ended with this line spoken to him, “…and it’s all because of you” (rephrased ‘cos I can’t recall the exact line). That line is a positive thing which you’ll have to watch the movie for to get the context because I don’t want to spoil too much.

Let’s just say that if they’re going to credit him for everything than they should have made his character stand out more, with more substance, screen time as well as actual hands-on participation in what they credited him for. A 3-minute scene towards the end between him, a rebel fae and a loyal guard didn’t really impact all that much, in my opinion. Blame the writers.

Maybe it’s also partly the actor? He’s kinda robotic in this performance. However the positive thing is he was sweet. I talk too much about him. I’m rather still salty about the recast, haha!

Now then, of course this movie is about Maleficent. Significantly, the movie is again centered around her bond with Aurora, and the trials which comes with such a bond. Throw in a whole clan of surviving faes into the mix for added plot, and the only thing I could think about is, “This whole movie feels so disconected. It could have been great.” Kinda like how I felt when I watched Star Trek 3, Guardians of the Galaxie 2, and a few others. Too many characters and not enough depths, among various issues.

I didn’t even have that “Whoa!!” moment when Maleficent died and was reborn as a Phoenix, last of her line.

However, there were stand out moments for me. I think the best ones were Maleficent’s interactions with her loyal crow-human, Diaval. Diaval as usual was a delight.

Philip’s parents (forgot their names)…well, his mother was the villainess here. She tried to murder her husband, framed Maleficent, and casted doubts on Aurora’s relationship with her ‘mother’. She was turned into a goat towards the end.

Yes, I warned there would be spoliers up ahead.

Oh, one of Aurora’s godmothers (she called them ‘aunties’) died. Watch the movie to see which one. I’ll give a hint: blue.

Of course the movie ended with a happy ending. Until the christening of course, which was the whole reason why this thing happened in the original plot of The Sleeping Beauty (the book, not the movie). Let’s hope nobody forgets to invite Maleficent in future, or everything is going to be a repeat of past events. Wouldn’t that be fun?

I give this movie 6 stars out of ten.

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