Poetry : My Friend

Poetry : My Friend

“Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. Helen Keller”
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Years ago, I wrote a poem on Friendship. This is one of my earlier efforts, and one of my favorites.

My Friend 

You are my friend, you make me smile; 
You are my friend, you make me cry.
You’re honest, but kind,
You’re direct, but gentle;
You teach me with respect,
You lead me with clarity;
You do not indulge me my nonsense;
You are firm and generous with your advises;
You are loyal in your friendship;
You’re fierce and passionate in your love;
You are protective of our relationship.
You do not suffer fools to come between us,
You defend me from haters and detractors.
You give me your shoulder to cry on when I mourn;
You put your arms around me in comfort;
You laugh at my clumsy attempt at humor,
You smile at my happiness.
You do not begrudge me my success,
But you celebrate it with me.
You guide me back from my unsuccessful journeys,
You direct me to the right paths.
You do not flatter me, you compliment.
You do not shame me, you comment.
You squash my tantrums with your maturity;
You teach me maturity with your grace.

You give me truth and never lies, to save me from myself.
You’d rather hurt me with honesty than let me burn because of deceptions.
You give me confidence,
You make sure I know that you like me;
You do not want to change me, but you make me want to anyway;
You make me see that there are ways I could be better.
You love me, but you do not indulge me my sins,
You show me the Sun, I want to step out of the Shadows,
You show me the Moon, my night becomes soft and safe.
You don’t try to take from me,
You just want to share yourself with me.
You inspire me just by being you;
You’re not perfect, but I can’t find anyone better than you.
I can always trust you to do the right thing by me;
I love you. You are my true friend.

You can find more of my poems here : https://myreadingpoet.com/category/poetry/

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