Poetry : Old Man’s Wisdom

Poetry : Old Man’s Wisdom

Author’s Note : This poem was inspired by advises from the elderly, what we here called Old Man’s Wisdom.

Old Man’s Wisdom

Mine not to lead, but mine to follow,
Mine not to weep, but mine to keep aglow;
No rights have I to be your elder,
Neither rights have I to be your teacher.
But friend, true am I in sharing these words,
My needs that you keep on the right road;
As a friend so true, these words I utter,
For it is in my heart not to see you suffer;
Your choice to listen with deaf ears,
So stay in torment and suffer in tears;
Or follow these truths, and on you will go –
Yea, says the Word, you reap what you sow.

Friend, never put yourself in a spot to judge,
From a humble position do not budge.
For every word you utter against another,
Is like stabbing the back of your own brother.
But rather, put it in your heart to have mercy,
For a poor brethren who is shown no sympathy.
Do not be ashamed to give him a kind word,
For this is right in the sight of the Lord.
When others mock, see that you comfort,
Give assurance to him who is in a tight spot.
When others strive to pursue their own selfish dreams,
You seek to tell the lost that he has been redeemed.

When others seek the praises of men,
You know their deeds are all in vain.
But show your compassion to those in need,
And you will gain the Lord’s praises indeed.


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