Novel : Nysa’s Mirror (Part 23)

Novel : Nysa’s Mirror (Part 23)

About three years of being not only ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ but also ‘best friends’, the relationship turned heart-breakingly sad for both of us.

Dominic had just turned  sixteen when his mom died after a long battle with cancer.

Understandably, Dominic grieved.

His family was very close-knit and loved each other deeply.

I tried to help and to comfort him as best as I could, but sometimes I felt overwhelmingly inadequate.

What would you say to someone who had just lost the most important woman in his life? How would you make it okay?

I was just fifteen going  on sixteen and still inexperienced when it came to tragedies and griefs, but I tried to be a strong person for Dominic. But Dominic, bless him, understood and accepted my comfort as well as he could, and eventually we both thought things would be okay.

Except, Dominic’s father never got over his wife’s death. Even after being by her side for many years, supporting her in battling the disease and knowing she could die any day, he never gave up. And when she did die, his heart broke.

Dominic once told me that before his beloved mom died, she talked about love and death, and the likelihood that at that one particular time in your life, you will meet the other half of your soul, your life-mate, your soul-mate, and that was who you should marry.

Dominic’s mom was the soul-mate of Dominic’s father, and losing her was losing the other half of himself.

Ironically enough, that talk was Dominic’s mother’s blessings for him and whomever he might end up marrying. It was her last piece of advice for him. She probably knew she was leaving her son, and wanted to make sure he ended up with someone who would be his perfect match in every way, someone who would be by his side every step of the way.

It was sound advice, very romantic and intense, with a certain element of truth to it. But that truth also carried with it a heavy repercussion. What would happen to the other half of the soul when its mate is gone?

Now, with the passing of his beloved wife, Dominic’s father clearly demonstrated that his other half of the soul, his life-mate, had died, and he didn’t want to live on without her.

Even after years of knowing she was weak of body and would die before either of them was ready for it to end, didn’t quite prepare him for the utter sense of lose he felt when she really did pass on.

Less than a year  after Dominic’s mom died and at a time when his immediate family and relatives thought things would be fine, Dominic’s father died.

Dominic and his grandmother who had stayed with them saw what happened.

His father was just going out the door early that morning to go to work as usual, when he suddenly stopped on the front top step, gave a sudden blinding smile and waved at someone on the road, then crumbled into a sudden heap.

He died on the way to the hospital. Doctors said it was a stroke.

Dominic confided in me that his father either died from a broken heart, or that morning he finally saw someone he loved waiting for him at the front of the house, and he chose to go with her.

I sniffed, and as awful as it sounded, I said that that was so romantic.

Again, Dominic understood what I meant, that I wasn’t being crass or dense, but choosing to conclude that when a man was clearly willing and ready to go, then at least he went peacefully. He didn’t even complained that his father left him alone. He was just glad that his dad was not lonely or suffering anymore.

And now I had a sixteen year-old orphan for a boyfriend.

I vowed to be his family and everything he needed to get through life. I promised myself that he would not be alone.

But things were not meant to be for us.

Two weeks after his father’s funeral, Dominic came over to our house and dropped a bomb on me.

His grandmother was moving back to her hometown several thousand miles away, and she was taking Dominic with her. To where they were going, she still had family, Dominic’s uncles and aunts and cousins. With the death of his parents, Dominic had no reason to stay at our town.


…to be continued…

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