Novel : Nysa’s Mirror (Part 22)

Novel : Nysa’s Mirror (Part 22)

Is Nysa in love? In crush at least? ….why the third-person reference?

These thoughts were running through my head. To think that just a few days ago I didn’t even have the worries of thinking such things about boys and boyfriends and crushes!

The proverbial butterflies had been making their appearances in my stomach in big swarms all throughout the morning, that I almost vomited in surprise when Dominic suddenly materialized in front of me.

I jerked back and almost upset my glass of orange juice, and my best friend Sally looked at me in surprise.

She saw Dominic at the same time, and the light-bulb lit in her head. Sally knew about Dominic since I had told her about “that boy who kept looking at me whenever we’re in the same room!”

Sally smirked knowingly and pretended not to notice anything, and turned back to talk to another friend, subtly she thought. I knew she was paying attention, though.

So I just stared dumbly at Dominic, and he looked back hesitantly at me.

For a full thirty seconds, neither one of us said anything. Sally kept sneaking looks at us and tittering obviously. I grew red with embarrassment and Dominic kept shuffling his feet.

I was relieved when Dominic finally spoke up.

He cleared his throat and said, “Umm, hi, I’m Dominic. Do you wanna share a sandwich with me?”

I looked back at him and stared blankly for a few seconds, before finally, my brain engaged, and I stuttered back, “A sandwich? Em, sure. What kind?”

“Err, chicken and egg. Is that okay. I can get something else if you like.”

“Oh no, I like chicken and egg. They go together.” I smacked my head internally. “Err, do you have enough?”

“Yes.” he replied shyly. “So umm…”

“Oh!”  My face flushing, I asked shyly, “Why don’t you sit here with us? There’s plenty of seats left.”

If my big sister was there, she would have coo’ed loudly and pronounced us both adorable. Thank God for small mercies, we didn’t go to the same school.

“Okay!” With a bright, pleased expression on his face, he sat, and opened his lunch bag. True enough, there were sandwiches and apples in the bag. “I’m Dominic.” He stuttered.

“I know, you said already.” I smiled shyly at him, and he smiled sheepishly back.

“I’m Nysa.” I said.

He blushed and admitted, “I know.”

Then I blushed, and we just kept smiling shyly at each other.

I swear, if after I have told Maya about this and she gushed and pronounced us ‘cute’ for the millionth time and just generally being annoying about it, I would switch her shampoo and face cream! We were not being ‘cute’ whatever she might say!

And that in a nutshell, is the story of how I met and had my very first boyfriend, Dominic.

My friend Sally teased me for a whole week after that lunch, singing gleefully although not spitefully, “Nysa has a boyfriend! Nysa has a boyfriend! Nysa and Doooooo-ooooom, sitting on a tree-eeee! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”

I couldn’t even get angry  at her., because I did have a boyfriend, my very first.

My sister did gushed and called us not only ‘cute’ but ‘sweet’, but that’s okay, because we really were .

It wasn’t a bad thing to be thirteen and be cute, to be sweetly innocent still while having hopes and dreams. Worse things could happened, such as not having your crush reciprocate your feelings, or breaking up after only a week, or not having enough pocket money to buy food with.

Hey, we were just teenagers, alright, such things were our only concerns then. That, and homework, plus chores as well as making sure you didn’t stay up after curfew.

It was sweet and funny and happy, not just at the beginning but also the entire time we were together.

I wish I could say that it remained that way, from strength to strength, but sometimes relationships end.


…to be continued…

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