Novel : Nysa’s Mirror (Part 20)

Novel : Nysa’s Mirror (Part 20)

Falling In Love

That naturally led to an all-out tug of war between us, until my mama demanded we stopped.

Eventually, after much staring and glaring and assuring the parents that we – by which everybody meant mostly me – was fine and that there was no crisis or panicking of some sort happening, my parents went back downstairs, trusting us to keep our talk quiet, and also as my dad demanded, “Safe!”

I glared at Maya, “See what you did? Now mama and dad know! I didn’t want them to! Now they’re going to suspect something every time I go out! Urgh!”

“….what?? You’re going out on dates already?”

“What?! No! Why….no! I literally just told you I hardly know him. I just meant that this is embarrassing that mama and dad know now about him because they’re, like, our parents, you know, and they’re going to think stuff about me now! That’s why I didn’t want them to know, yet! That’s all!”

I might have hyperventilated a little bit.

Maya finally behaved like the big sister she was and tried to sooth me, ”C’mon, sis, it’s okay. The boy likes you, so what. I think it’s sweet really. Is he a nice boy?”

“He’s okay.” I mumbled reluctantly.

“So there you have it.”

“Have what?”

“The boy likes you, silly!”

“I know that already, Maya! But I don’t understand what you said, have what!?”

“Oh dear, I forgot that this is your first time. Oh, to be thirteen again and to fall in love!”  Maya chortled in delight. She’s, what, only a few years older and already she thought she knew all there was to know about love!

She liked playing the ‘big sister’ card and insisting that that made her wiser and better at everything.

I sometimes really disliked my sister, you know.

…just kidding, just kidding! I loved her, although she could be such a big pain in the behind sometimes. She still is, by the way.

Anyway, the big pain …I meant big sister, said, “Of course you wouldn’t get it.”

She pretended to study her painted finger-nails. She also liked to tease and draw things out, it could be like pulling teeth with her sometimes, that drama-queen!

“Maya, I swear to God….just tell me what I have, for crying out loud!” I cried out in exasperation.

She stopped her pretense, rolled her eyes and huffed,

“You’re no fun! Fine, fine. And don’t swear or take the Lord’s Name in vain. What are you, an old bitter man? Hey, don’t hit me, or I won’t help! Anyone would think this is some huge mystery the way you carry on so… Ahhh, alright alright! Let’s see what you have, shall we? Now, little sis, you see, this  boy likes you, and he’s making googly eyes at you. You follow me so far? Nod your head if you are. Good, good. Moving along… he is, as you said, a nice boy, quite sweet, as teenage boys go anyway. Rather shy too, I take it. Wait, one important detail: is he handsome?”

Trust a teenage girl to latch on to the important parts, the looks! I thought sarcastically. I almost regretted asking for her opinions.

Nevertheless, I nodded my head. Dominic really was cute. I thought so, anyway.

Maya looked proud and she clapped her hands once in delight, “Excellent! Now, important question: do you like him back?”

I could practically feel my face turning red in mortification, but I pondered that question seriously.

Did I like him? What is it to be in love?

Maya was right. Dominic was a sweet boy, as sweet as any teenage boys could be, and I had never seen him bully anyone. I never saw him even got into any fight for that matter. Either he was very well-behaved or he was just the passive kind. I hoped it was the former.

As I thought about it, I realized that with what I knew of him, I could surmised that Dominic could be a poster boy for a well-behaved teenage boy actually, the type parents wouldn’t mind their daughters like.


…to be continued…

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