Perfectly Blameless

Perfectly Blameless

What does it  mean to be of blame, and what does it mean to be blameless?

This conversation happened between two friends :

“I always get blamed for everything!”

“Why? What did you do this time?”


“You don’t sound so sure.”

“Well, I am. I did nothing!”



“Well…. I don’t mean to sound judgey, but maybe that there’s the reason why.”

“What? How do you mean?”


“Wh…. don’t ‘nothing’ me! What did you think I did to get the blame??”

“Nothing. You did nothing.”

“… ok, you got me. I have officially departed this conversation. I don’t understand.”

“Allow me to explain then. You did nothing when you should have done something. Therefor, you are, in a way, responsible.”

“You mean, I’m to blame because I did nothing. Whereas if I did something in the first first, chances are I would still be blamed.”


“Well gee, when you put it that way, I guess I can’t do anything right then. I mean dang if I do, dang if I don’t. I give up.”

“Well don’t take it personally. Its human nature to place blame on others. We find fault with everything and everyone, except maybe with our own self. We’re a sorry creature thataway.”

The above exchanges happen more often than you would think or comfortably admit to. In fact, I can say with certainty that almost everyone has gone through a similar situation at least once in their life.

What’s the main issue here?

It is that you find yourself in a situation where you simply can’t do, say or think anything right, as far as everyone else is concerned. I mean, you might believe that you’re in the right, but then it turns out that you are the only one who believe so. Everyone else has something or other to say against you. They might even be right!

Which just means, you’re not utterly blameless; there’s always something.

Oh horror. How can you believe in yourself, then, when you, yourself, is arguably ‘problematic’, as today’s generation would say. Do you despair because you can’t trust your own mind? What about your instinct, your moral compass, your self-empowerment, even your deep-rooted beliefs? Are those unreliable too since they’ve been found wanting and faulty? Can’t you make an informed and certain decision anymore?

Do you give up in all that you believe in? Let someone else carry the responsibility and the blame. Why bother anymore. Do nothing, and so no one else can point the finger at you when things go wrong.

But wait, isn’t that also part of the problem – doing nothing – as we’ve ascertain above?

Goshdarnit…. you really can’t do anything right!

Well, fret not, I have good news. The good news is, no one has to give up. There are things you can have, do, say and think, which is utterly blameless.

You heard me, I say “utterly blameless”, that which no law can go against.

Galatians 5:22-23 KJV
“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, [23] Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.”

There you have it, the Fruit of the Spirit. Them be fools who still can find faults with this, I say. Amen.

Note: I will touch more on the Fruit of the Spirit at a later time, to share on the reasons as to its perfect, blameless characteristics. Key word being, character.

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