Novel : Nysa’s Mirror (Part 19)

Novel : Nysa’s Mirror (Part 19)

Here is a blast from the past, such as it was. When I was thirteen, I met a boy.

Yes, I know, I make it sound as if I’ve never met a boy before. But truth is, I met a boy I liked, who turned out to be my first crush.

Dominic, the boy, he was thirteen too, tall for his age but quite skinny, all gangly limbs and graceless teenage awkwardness of a boy just growing into his body. Kind of like how I was, except I was a teenage girl.

Anyway, I thought he was cute. I was also very naive and naturally inexperienced in the ways of crushes and puppy-love.

Here’s the story. I actually met Dominic because I first noticed him when he wouldn’t stop staring at me. I had caught him sneaking glances a time or two, and that made me nervous. Now, I had never been interested in any boy before, and had always been oblivious to any teasing or flirting.

I was thirteen okay, which was way to young back then to think about boys and love.

Anyway, I found a wilted flower on my desk once, and my best friend teased that a boy left it there for me. I denied it of course, but by that time I was looking back, and I noticed Dominic quickly averting his stare when he saw me looking. He was flushing red, and I didn’t know what that meant.

I had to admit that he made me nervous at first, since I didn’t know the first thing there was to know about puppy-love or teenage crushes.

These days, children are so worldly, in my opinion, and they are quite experienced in the ways of the flesh, if we’re willing to be honest with ourselves and acknowledge our children’s level of ‘interests’ in all things of the fleshly nature. I cringed at some of the things they wrote on social media. Who gave them such free access to the internet, anyway? But I digress.

Now me back then, as this young teenage girl, I knew next to nothing about a boy’s interest in me, or that any of the sneaking glances and little gifts might have meant something of interest to me.

So I told one of my big sisters about the strange boy in my school who would not stop staring at me.

My sister Maya is older by a few years and the one I am most comfortable with talking about such things.

So, I figured she would know from her own experience about boys who were interested in girls, and my complains such as it was, perked her interest.

Maya was quite giddy with the knowledge that her younger sister had her very own admirer. She squealed and clapped her hands so loudly and pretty much made such a racket that my mama and dad heard the commotion.

My sister and I shared a bedroom.

Anyway, after the noise we made, both my parents came trudging up the stairs to demand that we kept quiet, and could someone please tell them what is going on??

How would one go about being quiet and talk at the same time? I thought peevishly.

I frantically but silently tried to signal my sister to keep quiet about the boy, but she had suddenly lost her sight. At least, at where I was sitting, drat her!

My sister the blabber-mouth quite readily and enthusiastically told my parents about my possible admirer.

Mama got this goofy look on her face and what I called her “awww, how cute” look that made me shook my head and wanted to hide under the pillow in embarrassment. At the same time, she gave me a very thoughtful look, one of caution. How she managed to have so many looks at the very same time is still a mystery to me. I suppose it is a parents’ thing.

My dad? He just looked stern and I swear I could see a lecture forming in his brain about safe relationship, “No dating until you’re 20 young lady!”, “No kissing an unknown boy!” and so on and on!

I was already feeling mortified, no need to add over-emotional and over-protective  parents to the mix!

I groaned and used a pillow to smack my sister hard on her arm. She just pushed me back until I toppled on the bed and then wrestled the pillow away from me.


….to be continued next part

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