Novel : Nysa’s Mirror (Part 18)

Novel : Nysa’s Mirror (Part 18)

I can never tell anyone else everything that Mrs. Potts tells me, even though she doesn’t say anything either way whether I can or can’t. Just because she talks freely with me doesn’t mean that I can do so with her stories.

By the time she seems to have finished talking, I have gained a new perspective and respect for her in a way I have never felt for anyone else before, male or female, young or old. Her life truly is extraordinary.

The writer in me rejoices that I am so privileged to know her tale, and I am thankful that I have the opportunity to get to know the woman behind the story. And because of that, what she tells me will remain between us. If she chooses to tell others before and after me, that will be her choice, but I have made mine in regard to her.

Maybe one day I will ask her if I can write more about her and if she says yes, then I will.

I can say one thing though. It seems that Mrs. Potts have one remaining family, and that is who she goes to visit almost everyday without fail.

If I ever write about this particular chapter of her life as she shares it, I guarantee it will be very touching. I certainly tugs at my heart-string.

Soon, I leave her home with the promise of a tea-date for later on in the week.

I am looking forward to it, not going to lie. Mrs. Potts still have some very interesting stories to tell. Even if she is half-blind and half-deaf, there is nothing wrong with her mind. She is quite the old lady, refined but firm, with a keen perception and  dry sense of humor which made me chuckled not a few times while listening to her.

I mean, who knew right? I almost didn’t, but am so glad that I do.

After leaving Mrs. Potts, I immediately make my way over to visit with Su and Bea, and perhaps to tell Su also that we all have been gravely misinformed in our so-called knowledge of Mrs. Potts.

I also tell her that we owe Mrs. Potts an apology – in a way – , and maybe to make up for our gross behavior – not that she has noticed it – we should start talking to her when we see her next, and really pay attention to her. She needs us to.

Su asks me a lot of questions, and I answer and explain what I can, without revealing too much. Mrs. Potts deserves to have understanding and acceptance with the rest of the building’s tenants.

The gist of Su’s reactions are, “Wow… really?!  …Wow…I feel so terrible …Oh, the poor dear!”

Su promises to go visit her later on. She wants to take Bea with her.

I say, “Go for it. Old ladies love babies….well, at least this particular one seems to like people generally.  And she won’t bite, I give you my word!”

I feel strangely protective of her. I tell Su as much. Su says that it is probably  because I am the first person that old Mrs. Potts really connects with, and that  my soul accepts the connection.

The idea pleases me. Besides, I like her. She has turned out to be this sweet, pleasant and friendly old dear, with a whole arsenal of stories up her sleeve.   I look forward to hearing more of them.

It is too soon to tell, but I guess I have found my grandma away from home. I hope she won’t think that I am being cheeky or condescending when I start calling her “granma” though.

Dear Mrs. Potts, what a dear old lady!


End of this chapter. Continued next chapter.

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