How To Write A Good Article In Fifteen Minutes

How To Write A Good Article In Fifteen Minutes

First of all, why fifteen? Well, why not fifteen? And because I say so. It could easily be ten or twenty, but the average time for me is fifteen, no joke.

Secondly, the articles I usually write within the fifteen-minute time frame average around 500 to 1200 words. This is medium-length, which for me works just splendidly. They are not too long that I lose focus halfway through writing, nor too short there’s barely any point in writing them.

Thirdly, you have to be ‘in the zone’. By this I mean that you have to be particularly inspired as well as very willing to prioritize writing at that particular moment. And by moment, I mean that you are ready to give yourself fifteen minutes into writing uninterrupted.

Fourthly, it helps that you already know your subject or topic. It also helps if you already effortlessly and consciously have all the points within your knowledge of the subject matter. So much so that all it takes is for you to literally write them down. Of course, you also have to take into account spelling, grammar, and presenting your article in a clear and concise format.

As such, we reach our fifth and final point. Be relevant, clear, interesting and direct in your approach. Granted, fifteen minutes does limit the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of your article. But who says short means less, especially in terms of quality? It’s all about how you present it.

Here are some articles I wrote in fifteen minutes, which include poetry. I’m not gonna lie, these poems take less than fifteen minutes to write, I was very inspired. Take a read here:


I should mention that generally any works over 1200 words mostly take me over fifteen minutes to write, but that’s only because these writings are in a class of their own. It matters, of course, that you already have them in your head. But the difference is the ‘where’. Where do you want to take them? Where do you want them to end up? But this is a subject for another day, which, you guess it, would require of me to have more than fifteen minutes to write.

Here’s the proof of the pudding: I totally wrote this article in fifteen minutes, with a few seconds to spare, no kidding. This article is also one of my favorites to write.

This part onward takes me almost past the fifteen-minute mark. I can’t help myself. The one downside of being very inspired is I tend to get long-winded in my essays. I just love having something to write. I also have to reign myself in.

Anyway, sometimes I write articles in less than fifteen minutes and less than 400 words. Those times, the whole point is simply to write. It’s because I need to vent sometimes, and writing helps. At a latter time when I go through my past works, I would either erase them, or put aside for future edit. These latter ones are because I see some good points in them which inspire another round of writings. Waste not, want not, right?

Either way, do write your ‘fifteen-minutes articles’ as I call them. They matter.

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