Poetry : Merry, Merry Heart

Poetry : Merry, Merry Heart

OH JOY, oh wonder, ‘tis glorious day – may it lasts,
See the sparkling jewels embedded among the grass,
See the pretty diamonds dripping among the leaves,
Truly, joy it is to live in this bliss!
Listen! It’s the music of the bubbling brooks,
Now gay, how cheerful it gives one’s outlook!
But hark! The mournful sound drifting near,
‘tis the haunted cry of the remorseful creature!
Oh shepherd, see your charge is in sorrow,
Perhaps it fears for another dull morrow;
Quick! Comfort it less it darkened the Sun,
Let it feel and share our glorious morn!

Truly, life is wonderful for the lighthearted,
Let not sorrow or remorse take their part;
See, ‘tis a joy to be here,
Around and around and everywhere!
See, the trees are dancing in the morning breeze,
So eager do they want to please.
Smell – oh consume – that heavenly scent,
Oh surely it remains one’s true friend!
Oh little bird, you’re so high up on the tree,
Will you please sing with me?
And dance and make merry we will today
Around and around in happy sway!

Come Sister, let go your burden,
‘tis too heavy for you to carry alone;
Come make merry and discharge your fear,
‘tis too happy a moment to let flee from here!
Brother, pray don’t mourn you loss,
Let bygone be bygone, do not feel remorse.
Come Brother, forget your toils,
Be content instead with the scenes and the soil!
Let’s join hands, let’s be happy,
Less of life we will grow weary;
See the creature, it ceases it’s bray,
See, it is content and pleased with this promising day!

But hush! Friends, what do I see?
Why! ‘tis God’s creation making merry!
See there, God’s blessings upon them,
Surely of themselves, they have no shame;
Proud they are and proud they’ll be,
To be able to be what God made them to be.
Now, Brother, don’t you just wish,
You could take part in their glorious bliss?
Come, Sister, aren’t you envious
Of their joy which is so obvious?
Father, Mother, do not hide,
Let the joy in you abide!

Come, let’s all go forward hand in hand,
Less this happy moment comes to an end;
See, the music is still in play, growing sweeter,
See the frolicsome motion of God’s creatures;
Yes, even the perfumed breath of the morning’s breeze,
Truly, folly for those who are not pleased.
But come all you who are light of heart
Come everyone, do take part!
For this is good to be joyous and happy,
Before our FATHER above – oh merry, merry!


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