Poetry : The Value Of A Friend

Poetry : The Value Of A Friend

DEAR ONE, life is not as it seems it is,
There is more to life than toils or bliss;
Great is the gift of learning all you can,
Greater is the gift of a True Friend.
A friend is a teacher of the facts of life,
A friend is a helper in your many strives;
A friend is a mirror which pictures yourself,
To turn you into the better person you crave;
But in seeking a friend, beware of the impostor,
Who won’t hesitate to make you suffer.

An impostor is as vile as he is cunning,
A friend he is if you support his living.
He stands by you like a loved one,
In truth he seeks you for he is in want;
He is nowhere when you are in need,
(‘tis true, a friend in need, is a friend indeed)
External a friend, internal a foe,
Kindly he seems, but in truth a sore.
So dear one, see, ‘tis better to be alone,
Then to have a ‘friend’ who’s a prickly thorn.

But a true friend, dear, is so hard to seek,
‘Friends’ everywhere, yet no friend to pick!
A friend for comfort, a friend who supports,
A friend who generously gives all he’s got.
Yet somewhere, anywhere, there is someone,
Someone who regards you as a loved one;
The one who will give before you ask,
Someone who is a friend of virtue in vast.
Dear one, seek him, and him alone,
For priceless is his friendship which you will own.

Yet hard will be the journey to take,
Suffer you will for this friend’s sake;
For a friend in a million can be more troublesome,
Then a foe you regard as truly loathsome;
But be not discouraged – ‘tis only a test,
To see if of this friend you’re worthy or less;
Your worthiness to test as his sincerity you seek,
When among others him alone you pick.
And remember, the friendship you acquire is the fortune you gain,
The friendship of a true and honest friend.


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