The Essence Of Life

The Essence Of Life

Sometimes when the day dawns bleak and you feel like everything is so dark in your life, you wonder why you even bother getting out of bed.

You don’t see the Sun shining bright; you can’t hear the birds singing or see the flowers blooming; you don’t hear laughter or voices talking in peaceful rhythm with each other. You feel so far apart from everything and everyone.

Your soul feels alone and lonely.

You wonder why you keep doing this to yourself, and why you keep on persevering.

It is one day, and one day does not determine all the days which you have had in your life when you have seen the Sun shining, or seen the flowers blooming or heard the birds singing; or when someone talked and laughed with you.

And maybe there still will be other days like that, the bad and dark days. But I guarantee that there will always be good days, bright days, hopeful and happy days.

How would I know? Because life has taught me so.

Focus on the good days and let the Sun shine for you. If the Sun will still shine for those who deliberately seek darkness, how much more will it shine for you when you need and seek its light.

You have people in your life who cares about you, who wants to bring you joy and peace, who wants to love you. You just have to see them, and they might be right beside you.

Hold on to these people. Why would you deliberately choose to take to heart the hurtful words of those who don’t care about you? Why would you deliberately let them determine your life? Why not focus instead on the love, positiveness, good examples, encouragement and laughter of the ones who care about you?

And when God is the One most important Person in your life, then first and foremost you must turn to Him, because He is always there, without fail.

I wouldn’t say it if I don’t believe it to be true, and I wouldn’t believe it to be true if I haven’t personally experienced it and proven its authenticity.

What do you believe in? I hope it is in the promises and fulfillment of all that is good, hopeful and true.

Who do you believe in? I hope it is in Love. He is Life.

What is your essence? I hope it is your Heart.


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