40 Good Habits To Have For A Successful Life

40 Good Habits To Have For A Successful Life

Here is one simple truth : the key to a successful life is by having good habits. Of course it is not the only key, but it is one of the important keys, that which is having good habits.

Now don’t get me wrong, having a successful life does not mean having wealth immeasurable with more money than you know how to spend. Although some people do measure success with money, let’s be honest here, it is still only a small part. However, I always feel that true success is very personal in nature. It is to do with you as a person. True success, in my humble opinion, is being content and happy with your life, dignified, not seeing everyone as threats or competitions but just fellow-people who are walking the same road as you. It is also when you have a solid root in life, having a home, living life, loving life, and not desperately wanting in anything.

Along this path of success that you walk on quite content and happy, you can’t help but develop some good habits along the way. Some good habits are in fact, developed at the beginning of your journey as they are needed to get you moving in the right direction.

Here are some good habits to have which I have listed in no particular order, to inspire, motivate and encourage you to start having some positive changes in your personal life.

1. Wake up early. the early bird gets the worm.

2. Smile more. A smile a day keeps the blues away. Except, smile more than once a day.

3. Drink more water, say seven glasses a day minimum.

4. Brush your teeth after a meal. Or keep some dental floss handy. You’ll be thankful for your clean teeth. You will be more confident too.

5. Control certain bodily functions in public, such as farting, belching and sneezing.

6. Get some sun, at least for thirty minutes daily.

7. Talk with a positive person. Make friends with them, if you can.

8. Keep a journal. It doesn’t have to be a daily entry, just be consistent in keeping a record of your progress, aspirations, and whatnot.

9. Say something good, encouraging and inspiring to someone everyday, maybe several times a day. It’ll help you, too.

10. Do something good for someone everyday, be kind and generous.

11. Exercise daily, for at least thirty minutes. A walk is always good for you.

12. Laugh. It is the best medicine.

13. Do not litter. Use a rubbish bin.

14. Clean your room and workplace frequently. Less clutter there is around you, less clutter is in your mind.

15. Cuddle with your pet, if you have any. Otherwise, give someone you love a hug.

16. Talk positively, hopefully, thoughtfully and joyfully. You can be serious but still be all these.

17. Read a good book. Gain knowledge or just let your imagination free. Goodreads has a good list to start with.

18. Listen to good, inspiring music. Nothing depressing or which actually highlights your current problem and drown you in it.

19. Spend time with your family. If you live far away from them, then keep in touch frequently. There’s this handy thing call a phone. Most people have one these days. Or write a letter if you’d rather.

20. Get rid of stressful sources in your life. For example, there are some toxic people who pull you down with them or just want to make your life hard with their negativity and bad habits. Unless you’re into helping them not be toxic, which is another point.

21. Help certain people with their negativity, toxicity, hopelessness, desperation, etc. If you’re already halfway into having your own life on track, than you can actually do this one. It’ll help solidify your own confidence in life when you help others.

22. Throughout the day, whatever  you’re currently doing, just stop, close your eyes, lean your head back, and take a deep cleansing breath of fresh air. Do a few stretches. It only takes a few minutes, but quite good for your body, soul and mind.

23. Talk to a wise person. Seek advice on school, business or life.

24. Wash your body frequently. Many people throughout the world are known to take baths daily, even several times a day. It keeps your body clean, body odor to a minimum, and generally refreshes you.

25. Take a nap.

26. Think positive things about yourself. Don’t just believe it, act on that belief. But be wise and reasonable. Life is not a fairy tale and we do not have superpowers.

27. Go watch a movie or shop for yourself. Indulge sometimes.

28. Save money.

29. Live within your means. It’s okay to indulge sometimes, but not all the time. try not to be broke every month. Keep a personal financial account.

30. Groom yourself frequently. Even if you can’t afford branded personal items, you can still be clean, poised and elegant. A dignified person can wear a sack and still make it look like the latest trendy apparel. Get that self-confidence.

31. Speak correctly. Spell correctly. Use proper grammar.


And, if you are a Christian like me, here are some more much-needed good habits to add to the list :

32. Read your Bible daily. Meditate on it.

33. Start your morning and end your evening with prayer.

34. Listen to and sing praise songs.

35. Witness of your own personal spiritual walk with Jesus to someone. It doesn’t always have to be verbal, sometimes a good act says a thousand words.

36. Do as the Bible says. There’s a whole wealth of good habits to be found there.

37. Count your blessings. Especially when things are hard and the goings are rough, remember your blessings.

38. Have Faith, Hope and Love. This is not a theory, it is a Truth.

39. Enjoy and appreciate God’s creations. The stars, the flowers, the chirping birds, the galloping horses, the mighty whales…. they are wonderful to see.

40. Take time to sit and relax. Do nothing. Let Peace be your guide.

And here, just because it is important, is a bonus good habit : Give up one bad habit. Then when you are successful in getting rid of that one, give up another, and so on until you have thrown away all your bad habits. Be a new creature.

So there you have it, my list consisting of 40 good habits to have for a successful life. However, a list is only good when you follow it. All the best, peace and prosper.


More of my lists of to-do found here https://myreadingpoet.com/category/blogger-lifestyle/


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