Living Your Dreams

Living Your Dreams

Firstly, Do Not Procrastinate

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I have mentioned this fact several times in my site here. But wanting is not going to be enough, you have to want it and make it a reality.

Several years ago, I said that I was gong to write a book and publish it. Then, I procrastinated.

The year after the year when I said I would write my book and publish it, I thought, “If I had actually written my book and published it last year, I would have felt a feeling of accomplishment right about this time. I would have something to celebrate, too.”

It was the first year anniversary of the time when I first said that I would write and publish my book.

So I said again that year, “I would definitely write this time and publish before this year ends!”

Well guess what? I procrastinated again. So I regretted again.

And so the cycle kept repeating itself a few more times.

Until eventually I did sit down, and wrote my book.

Not only did I write it, I actually finished it, hallelujah!

Then I published it.

How neat that anyone can self-publish these days, on your own terms as well.

My book is now sitting neat and pretty in the publishing stores of my choice, waiting to be discovered and bought. I hope it finds a nice home somewhere with a reader. I feel like such a writer!

You can find my books here, yes ‘books’ as in many books…I have written several since then 

And now, I am writing another book.

Take Action And Write

I was disappointed with myself that I had the dream and the idea, but not the will nor the resolve to begin. I was also lazy, if I’m being entirely honest with myself. The idea of having authored a book is grand and awesome, but the act of actually writing that book was overwhelming. The idea of writing it was overwhelming!

What actually stopped me from beginning was the enormity of such a project. I wanted an over 100-page book, but then I realized that writing a book with over 100 pages was actually not a short or easy task. It also required patience and dedication, those traits which sometimes I lacked (still do, in fact).

I wanted things done yesterday, you see. I also wanted to reap the fruits without the sowing of the seed.

It could also be that I lacked the confidence to begin such a project. The “how, what, which, where and who” were the plagues of the moment.

Here’s a thought: Self-doubt is a real affliction. Negativity set in.

Let me give you a taste, “Who would even read my book!?”

My biggest concern has always been, “English is not my first language. It’s not even my second! What if I write wrong? What if I make mistakes and people laugh, or worse keep quiet and let my mistake repeat itself?”

The project died at conception, you could say.

But after years of dreaming and yearning, I finally came to a halt and gave myself a pep talk, pretty much how the esteemed legend Mark Twain said it, something about regret and getting your butt in gear to avoid regretting it. In short, if I wanted to see my book published, I had better start writing it. So I did.

Also, the idea of disappointing myself is not one I want to have again. I would not want to be a disappointment in my own eyes.

Do Not Just Dream

It is a well-known and well-worn line, “Chase your dream.”

Dreaming can be good.

Sometimes when a dream is particularly great and amazing, you don’t want to wake up. But you always will wake, usually, I find, at that particularly momentous, marvelous moment when you are about to do or be witness to something so wonderful, like that pot of gold you are about to touch…

Snap! You wake.

If your dream has the chance to see the light of day and be reborn into a physical form, than I say, “Go after it, and make it happen.”

God knows that many dreams are just that, dreams. They will forever only be visited in our sleep, a shadow of what wants to be but cannot be because it is  doomed to only exist in the dreamland. Unicorns, anyone?

But that dream you have when you are awake? Those  dreams you deliberately envisage because you see the hope that they can happen? Those dreams are usually the kind which if good and noble, can actually be born into reality.

Writing a book is one of those dreams.

A book which entertains; makes people think, laugh, cry and say “Oh!” in realization or the drawn out “Ooooohhhh!” in wonderment, or “hmmm…” in thought.

 A book of substance and content, in whichever style or genre you prefer. A book which comes from your heart, because you want to share something of yourself, your mind and thoughts, your feelings and emotions, your life, your experience, that change you want to see happen and you make the first step to make it happen.

 A book born in reality, or a book taking flight in fantasy.

A singer and a songwriter wants a song, dreams of a song, so he writes a song, and he gets to sing it too. Maybe he will hear others sing it.

 A poet dreams of a poem, wants that poem, so he writes his poem. He then gets to recite it, or he hears others recite it, maybe to even sing it.

A sailor wants to sail, he wants to travel upon the sea, so he builds his ship.

A fisherman wants to catch his fish, so he baits his hook, cast it into the water, and catches his fish.

A writer dreams of writing a world, so he writes that world. Maybe someone will read it and be pulled into that world.

It sounds easy, as if all you have to do when you dream good dreams is to want it to be real. As if it can always be real when you act upon it in the real world. But it’s not easy at all, is it? This is real.

Living Your Dream

But this is also a reality: A sailor can build his ship, but maybe he will never get to sail in it. A singer can write songs, but chances are no one else will sing or hear them, except for himself. Maybe people would not appreciate a poet’s poems, or read an author’s books. A fisherman might cast his bait, but perhaps the fish won’t bite.

Well, that’s downright discouraging. What’s the point of going after your dreams then if nothing comes out of it?

What do you mean nothing?

You would have built a ship. You would have written a poem or a song or a book. You would have cast your net. You would have accomplished something, and that is reason enough to not be disappointed in yourself.

I love to stargaze. I wonder what it would be like to travel the Universe, to see a Supernova, a Black Hole, the birth of a Star.  I wonder how it would feel to go to Jupiter and see that Giant Red Spot up-close, to experience the rings of Neptune, to stand upon Venus’ unpredictable surface. I wonder about going right into the heart of our Sun and see how it works inside.

So those are quite impossible dreams.

But I can dream about writing a book, and actually do it. So I did, and I have, and I feel pretty good.


You can read some of my stories and poetry here. 

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