7 Important Things To Do In 2019

7 Important Things To Do In 2019

We are already almost at the end of March. And if there’s one thing I know about having resolutions, it is that it’s never too late to have them. For that matter, it’s never too late to do them. Hopefully by the time the New Year’s Eve arrives, you will have accomplished some commendable things this year.

Without further ado, here are seven very important, potentially life-changing (for the good) things you can do in 2019.

1) Read Nine Books. The only reason I say ‘nine’ is because as I said, March is almost over. However, there are still nine other months to go. So beginning with April, that’s one book per-month. If you’re a fast reader, you can read more. Books are a great source of knowledge. Read a mix of fiction and non-fiction. Get some facts in, with a good dose of healthy imaginations thrown in. You will gain some wisdom. Personal challenge: one book of any genre, per-month.

2) Learn A New Skill Or Two. Here are some ideas for learning new skills: knitting, crocheting, swimming, playing a musical instrument, a new language, dancing, write poetry, recycling, a sports, and cooking. These ideas are good for if you don’t already know how to do them. You can of course, look up some other skills you are interested in learning. Personal challenge: learn a new but easy skill every two months. You’ll get at most four new skills by December!

3) Stop Some Bad Habits, Start New Ones. It is preferable and better for self-improvement if all bad habits are stopped, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’ll get there eventually, hopefully. Begin with one, maybe what is easiest or most pressing. Stop smoking, don’t procrastinate, stop picking your nose or farting in public, don’t spit everywhere you feel like it, do not litter. Also, watch your language, stop filling your mind and body with unhealthy elements. Wash your hands, clean up after yourself, bath frequently, comb your hair, wake up early, sleep at a reasonable hour, drink lots of water. At the beginning of the day, only you know your own habits, the ones you need to stop and the ones you need to have. Personal challenge: identify one particularly destructive bad habit and endeavor to stop it before 2019 ends.

4) Smile More. A smile a day keeps the blues away. There are always reasons for you to smile, even on the darkest day of your life. You just have to see them, don’t refuse their comfort. A child playing, a kitten playing, a blooming flower, that friendly person who smiles at you, the sun shining, soft breeze in your hair. Interacting with someone nice, saying hello, writing a short poem, humming a song, read a funny story, watch a funny story and so on. Put that smile on your face more frequently this year. You’ll feel better, trust me on this. Personal challenge: get a few people who knows you to voluntarily say some time, ” you’re so smiley!” or something along that line.

5) Have Poise And Elegance. Or as some people would quite bluntly say, “have some class!” Now this is gonna hurt, but time for some straight talks. Often times, we embarrass ourselves through our own ignorance, impatience, short temper and generally lacking characteristics. We ‘put our foot in our mouth, dig a hole, dig our grave, lose face, with eggs on your face, like a deer in the headlight’. As a result, we get flustered frequently and are ashamed to show our faces in public. Even if we’re the thick-skinned type, it still doesn’t mean nothing needs to be done. Because this particular lacking is very harmful to our own self, whether you feel the pain or not. This being the case (and reasons), we should take a long, hard look at ourselves and see what needs to be done about our attitude. This is not the time to blame others, it is time to grow up and take responsibility for ourselves. So change that attitude, you don’t need it. Grow up. Be the mature adult you claim yourself to be. Take action and take responsibility for your actions. Be classy in your conversation with others, be elegant in your action with others. Be thoughtful, honest, kind, humble, attentive and generous. You can be all these and still be that wise person, more so in fact since your poise and elegance will actually back you up. This might be the most noticable accomplishment of your year, if you managed it. Personal challenge: all of these, if you haven’t already.

6) Live That Particular Dream. Do you, perchance, have a particular dream, ambition or plan which you have shelved, because of reasons? Say, a trip or holiday to a particular place, writing a book, signing up for a workshop, a specific project? You know, something within your reason, time or budget? A particular dream which you know you can do this year if you only just do it. No more shelving, procrastinating, excuses or lazing around. You want it, you get it. Don’t just dream it, live it. Make it a reality. Personal challenge: just do it.

7) Start Saving Money. Provided that you haven’t already, that is, then you should start saving. Begin now, this month, with your next paycheck. Someone who is always broke complains, “I never have enough money. For certain before payday even comes, I always find myself broke. How  can I save?” Someone else says, “I’ve never consciously try to save my money. If I have some left-over by the time my next paycheck comes, I just spend it. If I don’t spend it, then I would put it in my bank account.” Yet another says, “I’m too old to start saving money. I never have. I’ll just live day by day. I’m sure I won’t need that much when I retire.” Well, the general opinion is that money is always needed, and more people are aware that they need to save for a rainy day. People also save for when they retire and cannot work anymore. Money is still needed and that saving is going to, well, save you from starving to death, for example. Regardless, it is always a good idea to start saving money. 

So there you ave it, seven important things to do in 2019. If you want to accomplish something worthwhile, with noticeable results, then this is a good list to guide you. Or you can make your own list, but rest easy that your accomplishments are for your own benefits. Just, do them. Be well and prosper. God bless 2019.

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