Poetry : The Poem, It Rhymes!!

Poetry : The Poem, It Rhymes!!

The Poem, It Rhymes!!

‘Write a poem’, they say, ‘but make it rhyme not’,

they say,

‘I will try my hardest’, I say, ‘to do it your way’;

So I pick up my pen, and my back I bend,

Trying to write this poem as good as I can;

So I write a sentence and then comes the second


Which I try my hardest to not make it rhyme;

Well, I guess ‘line’ and ‘rhyme’ only almost sound

the same,

When you think too much about rhymes….which is


Or so they say, so I’m trying again,

To make this poem which mustn’t rhyme, see if I


So I crack my knuckles, and pick up a fresh paper,

And put elbows to my desk to come up with

something better;

‘Do not rhyme, do not rhyme’ my brain shouts at


‘You’re going to rhyme, darn it you’ll see!’

‘No I won’t’ my other voice denies,

‘I will write what I can ‘cos therein my heart lies’;

So I write these sentences, hoping it will stay true,

To what they say my poem must come through,

No rhymes, no poetry which looks like it tries too


To make it seem like a greeting card.

Happily I am writing and scratching my brain

To finish a poetry as best as I can.

I end with a flourish, and sign my name,

And there you have it, I’m at the top of my game!!

…..well, golly-gee, they all rhyme,

Boohoohoo, what a waste of time!!!



This poem is originally found in this post https://myreadingpoet.com/2019/03/16/the-nay-sayers/

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