Poetry : Happy Love

Poetry : Happy Love

Happy Love

YOU ARE the symbol of our love,
You are my gift from above;
You kindled in my heart a glorious flame,
Yea, loving you brings me no shame.
You teach me the joy of being free,
To know, to feel, to be truly happy.
You awaken me to my own needs,
Your love for my I heartily bid.

Happiest of days when you were mine,
Everlasting love – the ties that binds;
No harshness, no cruelty, no toils to come,
Can bring to mind hardships or harm;
For the mind is blinded with the love of the loved,
The mind is glorious with the Love from above;
The labor is hard and the day is long,
Yet for us, nothing can go wrong.

Oh, stand by me my Angel from above,
Oh uphold me with your love,
How sweet and pure and kind love is,
When love is given to comfort and to please.
And coming from you, Heart of my body,
Truly no man can be as happy;
‘til the birds cease to fly and seas turn to sand,
Before then our love will not end.


This poem is taken from my book which can be purchased on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/1724602470?ref_=pe_3052080_397514860

You can also read more posted here https://myreadingpoet.com/category/poetry/

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