Poetry : Morning Is Delight

Poetry : Morning Is Delight

Morning Is Delight

Oh how I love the morning’s scene,
When I walk on the meadow green;
To see glittering diamonds among the leaves,
The dainty playground of little elves.
To look at silver threads covering the meadow,
And among the dandelions with their color yellow;
To hear the music of the bubbling streams,
Which take me deep to the realm of dreams.

Oh, the morning gives me boundless delights,
And erase the horrible nightmares of the night;
For I delight in the glittering diamonds,
Which are really dew-drops in the thousands;
The soft, silky, silver threads,
Are the spiders shiny cobwebs;
And the bubbling brooks – oh just the thing
To give me cool, refreshing drinks.

O if I could always be here to see
The morning clothes in all it’s glory;
Just gazing at the sun rising from the east,
And feeling the soft, gentle morning breeze.
Touching the delicate flowers which on the valley grew,
Still clinging to the wetness of the morning dew,
To bask in the glorious sun’s ray,
Which keeps me healthy and happy all day.



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