Quick Bread Recipes And First Attempts

Quick Bread Recipes And First Attempts

A Brave Resolution

Something about a new year always makes me want to try something new. This year, since early February of 2019, I’ve been wanting to try my hand at baking bread. This would literally be my first attempt at doing so.

I’m an average cook at best. I have some favorite recipes which I can cook amazingly, even if I do say so myself. Even so, most of my dishes are average and simply edible, nothing special to them. I have been more adventurous in the kitchen lately though, since variety means more options. More options mean better eating experiences, I believe.

With this thought in mind, I figured that I should try some recipes which a scant few years before I would never have considered even attempting. I mean, when you have accepted that you’re an average cook, you would know to not step outside your comfort zone, right? Like, something might explode in the kitchen otherwise, quite literally.

So, making bread? Nope, I wouldn’t, not back then. Did you know that for many people, even the idea of making bread is intimidating? It is to me, quite intimidating. All those ingredients and work, the time involved! I mean, yeast, what is that? How do you use it?! Kneading, what? Proofing dough….what language are you speaking, man?

And here’s my number one peeve: I have to wait?? For the dough to rise??

….yeah, I’m not much for waiting around.

But then, I was puttering around in my kitchen one day and being bored of the same ole food and the same ole me. I thought, I should try a new recipe. How about bread?

And just like that, I decided to try my hand at making bread.

Don’t get me wrong. The sheer idea of bread-making still intimidates me. But I’m getting brave, I think, and holding on to my newly acquired motto “nothing ventured nothing gain”.

If this works, I’d gain a new skill in the kitchen, plus breads ya’ll!!

First And Second Attempts

Here’s something else which helps a lot: the internet. Like, on the internet you can get lots of recipes for easy and basic bread-making! To my joy, I found several recipes which are just right up my alley as a no-fuss average cook: simple, minimum work, minimum ingredients, and no waiting around!!

How about that?!

Now, this doesn’t mean that my first attempt at baking bread would immediately be a success.

Nope, my first attempt using this recipe https://bakerbettie.com/four-ingredient-no-kneadbread/ turned out a bit of a mess. My first bread turned out crusty on top but very raw and wet at the bottom. Short story, I threw it away. There was no saving it, alas. But never fear, I will try again until I get my Rustic Bread!

My second attempt turned out a bit okay, using this recipe https://lovingitvegan.com/easy-no-fail-wholewheat-bread/


Note: I used wheat flour for both attempts. It was the only type of flour I had at hand.

My second bread was more edible, in that the inside was baked alright. However, the outside was a bit hard.

Still, it’s a Rustic Bread recipe so I suppose it’s alright for a first attempt at this second recipe. My niece said that it was just like a “round baguette”. I suppose it is at that!

Eating it with Mushroom, Cheese or Creamy Chicken Soup is great, I should imagine.

I’ll keep trying and learning. The basic ingredients are easy and cheap to purchase, so that’s encouraging. I’ll even blog my attempts until I get ’em right. Imagine, one day I’ll get my beautiful, delicious bread and I’ll proudly post my blog and pictures of it! Cooking is such an adventure, right?

Oh, I also tried this recipe http://lessonslearntjournal.com/quick-bread-recipes-2-ingredient-sweet-bread/

I didn’t have any self-raising flour nor that particular brand of Yogurt lying around, so I made do with what I had and improvised. Of course I had to google ways to improvise, which I might blog about.

It was a hilarious and fun attempt. anyway. If nothing else, I had so much fun mixing the the yogurt into the flour. It brought me back to my childhood years, back when I pretended to be making cake by mixing mud with water and adding my mom’s flower-petals into the mix…. fun times.

Anyway, these are the results. My niece tried a sweet bread (or bun, she called it) and said it was nice. I thought the bread could be ‘prettier’ and fluffier. Oh well, next time. Try and try again!

I found more quick and easy recipes for baking online, so I’ll try them too.

Bon appetite! If anyone know a simple recipe for baking anything, please share if you can or want to, thanks!

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