Poetry : A Letter To My Love

Poetry : A Letter To My Love


Dearest Joe,

Thought I’d drop a line to say hello.
Miss you terribly in many ways,
Wish you’re here to brighten my days.
Had a dreadful holiday this bleak summer,
It’s all because you’re not here.
Rain’s been pouring for a week,
I caught me a cold, now I’m sick.
My mood’s down because of the weather,
Joe dear, I wish you are here.

My family has problems in each own ways,
Between each other we have nothing to say.
Dad’s blue Honda had a puncture,
He planned for a trip, now he’s not sure.
Mom’s been busy these past few days,
She worked a lot, with no words to spare;
Cleaning and dusting and decorating the house,
She spends less time with her spouse.
Lily’s problems have no end,
She’s just had a row with her boyfriend.
Annie’s not here, she went oversea,
I rather think she’s in better company.
Right now Lenny’s in a tight position,
He made dad had an x-rated explosion;
Wrecked his bike in a mock-race,
Couldn’t lie to dad with a smooth face.
No one knows about Dina’s problems,
She’s been brooding and looking glum.
Mella’s sulking because she’s not old enough
to be allowed to use us girls’ stuff.

And as for me, I’m sure you know,
Joey, Love, I miss you so!
My favorite pass-time is thinking of you,
And I’ll be doing it my whole life through!
Well, I guess this is all I can share with you,I
hope you’ll write – oh honey, please do!
And I’ll be praying for your return,
To your impatient waiting one.
With your love sealed in my heart,
I know you and I will no more part.
Much love from the one from afar,
Wish you are here, your love,

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