Poetry : My Hero, My Friend

Poetry : My Hero, My Friend

My Hero, My Friend

THIS WORLD is a field of brambles,
Of briers and thorns of life;
It is enough to make the meek tremble,
And the weak stumbles under the strives.

Life is a test a human must face,
To make known his worth in his own way;
This is the life man has,
The life I too, live everyday.

But no matter how hard it seems,
There’s always a place for to hide,
I don’t worry when my path seems dim,
I know I have you by my side.

You are my dashing hero,
You are my guiding friend,
You protect me from life’s horror,
And give me a helping hand.

When I’m impatient and move with a rush,
I lose everything, nothing to obtain;
You keep me on with a persistent push,
And make me see help is still at hand.

Sometimes under life’s pressure I stumble,
I lose interest in everything I do,
But happily I can still struggle,
I still receive endless help from you.

And there are times when I tire,
Unable to go through more;
Bountiful energy to me you supply,
And you’ll say, “This is what friends are for.”

Oh happy are those who have friends like you,
They know who to go to for comfort;
When they have so much to go through,
People like you give help and support.

Everyone it seems have their own friends,
And I, I know, have my own;
I’ll always keep hold of your hand,
In this world, I am not alone.

You are my saint with a halo,
You are my own true friend;
You will always be my hero,
To the world’s end.

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