Lovers And Not Fighters

Lovers And Not Fighters

People say that Valentine’s Day is for lovers. Well, yes, I agree, lovers and not fighters. It is because this day is a day to celebrate Love. And so, people who love are by default ‘lovers’.

I dedicate this poem to all the faithful lovers out there. May you find love and keep it.


The moon bright and the roses bloom,
Lighting the night from the gloom;
Under the oak tree I stand waiting
For my True Love for he’s coming;
He promised me he’ll always be so true,
And we’ll be one our whole life through;
Now he’s come and with a gallant bow,
He says the words that would be our vow :
“My Love, my Joy, my own True Heart,
Until our death we will never part;
We will be one, we’ll love each other,
And we will be together forever and ever.”

Now I stand under the oak tree again,
On the very spot where my Love is lain;
And where we’d pledged our very first vow,
That we’ll be together until now;
My mind drifts back to that night,
When the night was filled with the light;
When I stood waiting for my Love,
And we vowed each other we would serve;
Now he’s the one who lays waiting
For his own True Love who is coming;
And we’ll say our vow all over again,
As side by side we will be lain.

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