Poetry : Good People

Poetry : Good People

“Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws. – Plato”


Have you ever been sad or hurt,
When your gifts are ignored or forgotten?
Have you ever felt unwanted or jilted,
When your love is being forsaken?

Or how about when you are accused
Of doing something you didn’t do?
Or when you’re mocked and cursed,
By people who wants to make fun of you?

Were you angry when you’re laughed at?
Were you downhearted or discouraged?
Dear friend, when you face such hate,
Just be patient and ask yourself :

“Why do people always pick on me,
Just because they intend to have some fun?
Is it because they think themselves better
Then me whom they think nobody wants?

Or maybe they can’t help themselves
Thinking they’re born to be like that;
Laughing and making fun of others
Who they think are not so perfect?”

You can comfort yourself, my friend,
When you forgive and try to help,
To aid these people find their good self,
You’ll always remember how you’ve felt.

You’ll feel good, happy and comforted,
And you’ll wonder at the lightness of your heart;
When you see real smile on their faces
You know that you’ve done your part.

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