The Emotional Author

The Emotional Author

These Pesky But Relevant Questions

Here’s a question, “Do you have to be a traveler in order to be a good writer?”

How about, “Do you have to experience Love and Heartache in order to write a Love Story?”

Or, “Do you have to be old and weary with the world at large to be able to account for your life’s experience and make it believable?”

“What about tragedy, do you have to experience one in order to justify your telling about one?”

I do not know.

I just know that the written words are my friends, and I find that I express myself better with my pen and paper than by speaking. So I will ‘speak’ in this way, because I have found my ‘voice’, and hope that someone will listen.

However, I do admit that having experienced a certain emotion can help you to expound more on it.

Emotions Inspire Poetry Inspires Writing

I remember a time when I was feeling forlorn and lonely because my personal life was going through a rough patch. It seemed then, that everything I felt inside just bubbled to the surface, and I had to separate myself from everyone. Tears, no one must see them. It had been a long day, and an even longer night.

At the witching hour, when everyone else except for me was asleep and the only sound heard was the tick-tock of the ancient grandfather clock in the living room, I wrote a poem. I poured all that I was feeling at the time into my poetry.

This is a good example of when emotion got the best of me, and I came up with some of my best work, I do believe.


Writing all my pains away,
Trying to make it through the day, 
finding a way to make joy stay
….but what shall I say?

Trying to survive this pain,
Upon this bed I am lain,
My thoughts drifting in vain
stumbling through mind’s dark plain.

Oh what shall I do?
Can I find comfort from you,
When all is coming through
In sorrow and rue?

When tears fall down,
There remains the smile of a clown
And no cheering spectators around
No clapping, no sound.

I am extremely desirous 
To get lost in the forest
Of dark mind so curious
Full of despair carnivorous.

But even in my darkest hour,
I cannot let my heart go sour,
To not leap from the high tower
Of what keeps my soul prisoner.

I have not forgotten
When I was first begotten
In travail but triumphant
Of life’s first tribulation.

Indeed I do, indeed I am
Living my life with no shame
Even with no wealth and no fame,
Except for my good name.

Believe it or not, that was a release. Just writing that made me feel better, at least about myself. There is no failure when one acknowledges that one is, after all, human and feels.

Your Greatest Works

Emotions, experiences, all which is in your life, can inspire your greatest work.

However, at the root of it, you must have authenticity.

Be honest with yourself, and be opened with your expression.

As Helen Keller said,

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”


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