Poetry : A Child’s Tears

Poetry : A Child’s Tears

“Let your tears come. Let them water your soul.” Eileen Mayhew

When a child cries, the heart leaps so, 

The mother, she imagines the pain,

Never knowing the babe’s woe,

But to gently hold him in her hands.


When a child cries, the world stands still,

When all creation pause not on a whim;

Does God listen, does He heed,

The cries of the innocent reaching Him?


When a child cries and the evil sings,

When this wicked man he dares to defy,

Would he know the judgment he brings,

But for himself, he believes the lie.

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When a child cries, the Father He listens,

Never a moment He would bring to waste,

For the Father’s Heart beats with the innocent,

Of a surety, His Justice makes haste.


So knowing this, with the child in your life,

Let it be, he shed tears of happiness,

If all you give him are lies and strife,

You face the consequences of the child’s distress.


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