Poetry : The Beauty Of Your Kiss

Poetry : The Beauty Of Your Kiss

“Now a soft kiss- aye, by that kiss, I vow and endless bliss.” John Keates

The Poem

A sigh, a murmur, a gentle caress, 

Like the soft whisper of a satin dress;

A tear which falls, a word in awe,

The careful touch which trembles so;

Like the moon in the night, ‘tis a beacon,

Promising rest to a weary pilgrim;

The delicate flutter of a butterfly’s wings,

A melodious sound, oh the nightingale sings;

The careful path of a fingertip

Making its way across my lips;

A vow, a promise, given softly,

A dainty touch, oh so tenderly;

‘tis the way of a moment in bliss,

When I live the beauty of your kiss.


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