What Is Christmas About?

What Is Christmas About?

I read a comment once, “Christians didn’t invent Christmas!”

The person who commented this was peevish for various reasons. Chiefly, because Christians insist that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus. However, that person didn’t agree and said that anyone can celebrate Christmas because….

Well, let’s recap his reasons: it’s about celebration, Santa Clause, presents, snow, the Tree, eggnog, family gathering, being happy, accepting, not caring how and why others celebrate a certain celebration as long as they are harmless fun. Anyone can do it, just take Christ out of Christmas!

Thus, he reasoned. In short, he said that Christmas is not about Christ and it’s not just for Christians. It’s about anything and everything except the Christ-child. So stop hogging it, he said.

Well. Color me confused. I try not to laugh at silly people but sometimes I can’t help it. You know, even God, yes the Christian God, laughs at His enemies’ delusions and self-grandiose. Now I’m not saying that this person is my enemy, I do say however that he has silly ideas regarding Christmas. So yes, I laughed because it’s, well, silly-funny!

Psalm 2:4 KJV
“He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.”

Psalm 59:8 KJV
“But thou, O Lord , shalt laugh at them; thou shalt have all the heathen in derision.”

Frankly, the Christmas this person describes sounds commercial and “progressive”. As with all things commercial and progressive, they don’t generally have the people’s best interest at heart. The whole idea, so-called mainstream, is to get the general public on their side by promoting themselves as “good and accepting”.

It is utter nonsense.

The real reason Christians celebrate Christmas not only is based on Love and Joy, but also Salvation. It is about the Birth of the Savior, the Messiah of mankind. Jesus was born into this world so He could live, teach and prepare us through His Life. Then He died so we could be saved from the yoke of sin and death, if we believe in Him.

Christmas is about the Christ and God’s message of Love and Salvation. Therein only contains perfect Joy and Peace.

So if we take Christ out of Christmas, then it is nothing but an empty celebration which indeed, anyone can celebrate. That is the ‘progressive’ idea isn’t it, to let anyone celebrate. But at the same time, to take out the message of perfect Love, Joy, Peace and Salvation as God ordained it through the birth of Jesus Christ.

With Christ in the center, family is complete. All the extra trimmings, decorations, food and celebrations are bonuses which we gladly partake in because we celebrate being Saved first, and Loved in perfection by Him, the Heavenly Father who gifted us Jesus Christ.

So did Christians invent Christmas? Well I don’t know. I mean, who started it? Because it gives them bragging right if nothing else.

However, as born-again Christians, we do acknowledge that silent and holy night when the Savior was born. He is called Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Christians worship Him, and Christmas is about Him.

So take Christ out of Christmas? I don’t think so.

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