Book Worm!

It’s like my grandpa used to say, “Ain’t nothing wrong with reading!”

I grew up reading lots and lots of books. I freely confess that I am a book worm. Like, I devoured the pages insatiably and went for seconds, thirds, fourths….

Every now and then, I still pick up the same books and read them. The Chronicles Of Narnia books by C.S. Lewis remain my all-time favorites, followed by classics from authors such as Charles Dickens, Lewis Caroll, Arthur C. Doyle and Robert L. Stevenson to name a few.

I learn a lot from reading, things I didn’t learn in school. When I was a child, some adults would ask, “How do you know of this so-so or this-that?”

I would reply, “From reading.”

All these extra knowledge are actually good and helpful.

My parents would say, “Kids these days don’t read books anymore. Their faces are stuck 24/7 on their phones or computer or television. Such a sad thing to behold!”

I agree. Sometimes, for their birthdays, I buy books for my little nieces and nephew. Start them young, I say.

So, buy books for your children. Encourage them to read the books.

On that note, I am always looking for new books recommendations. I like action, adventure, thriller, and the occasional sci-fi. Independent authors a

Independent authors are sometimes underrated. Many of them have the same level of talents as established authors, if I do say so myself. They just don’t have the same platforms to showcase their works. I consider these indie authors as jewels in the wild. Not so rare, but rather unpolished, which ironically enough adds to their appeal.

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