Funny Story : The Pessimist, the Optimist, the Realist and the Opportunist

Funny Story : The Pessimist, the Optimist, the Realist and the Opportunist

A group of four friends decided to go for a walk in the dessert, but alas they became lost. It was not long after that they were hungry and thirsty. 

In continuing to pick their way across the dessert, they soon reached the shade of a single palm tree. And there, oh miracles, under the tree, was a glass of water. 

Said the pessimist, “Oh, sweet ambrosia, WATER! But there’s only one glass of it! It’s not enough for all four of us, we will surely die!” And he wailed in despair. 

Said the optimist, “Now, now, brother, it is true that there is only one glass of water, but if we share, it will surely wet our parched throat for a while. Let us be thankful, for we shall surely live!” And he gazed at the sky in awe. 

Said the realist, “In truth, brothers, there is only one glass of water. It is hot, and we are all naturally suffering from the heat. So, we have several solutions. One, let the truly thirsty and close to dying among us drink it, which in this case is all of us. Two, we each take equal sip of the water, and thus all is fair. Three, we all don’t drink because there’s not enough for us all but keep on walking until we reach an oasis, which as a rule, there usually is one in a dessert like this. But we will either die of thirst or not. That is the real truth, my brothers.” And he nodded his head importantly and rubbed his chin thoughtfully. 

Said the opportunist, “Brothers, I just drank the glass of water a minute ago. While you were all talking. Let us now move along.” And he traipsed along once more, leaving the other three staring at his back incredulously. 


So, which one are you? Do you think one is better than the others?

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