Meditative Poetry: The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth

Meditative Poetry: The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth

Lynne S’ Note : This is another meditative poem I wrote many, many years ago. I was going through my old things when I found this little scrapbook which I made when I was a wee child. This was written inside.

Truth Or Lie

What makes man Lie? Choice or necessity?

If Truth be told, will there be understanding or condemnation? Anger or patience?

Judgement or forgiveness? Annoyance or compassion?

Some Lies are to protect,

some are told by choice or habit,

while some simply because the Truth could not be made known;

And still, some Lies are because Truth will bring terrible consequences…

Is it the fear of the unknown? Paranoia?

But, Lies all the same.

Lies are wrong, and man teaches it so.

Just so.

But the word still exist: Lie.

‘Wouldn’t it be simpler to tell the Truth and get it over with?’ Some ask.

Yet, they also face the same dilemma once in a while…many times…too many times…

To Lie or to be Truthful?

It is a hard choice when it is in your concern;

But harder still when other people’s interests are involved;

This is a hard position to be in.

But why are you there in the first place?

After all, there’s always two sides to everything: good or bad, light or darkness, white and black, beautiful and ugly;

Just so with Truth and Lie.

Stay on one side or the other, never on both sides,

and certainly not on the fence.

If I still have the choice,

I would choose Truth because it is the right thing to do…the only right thing to do.

But Lies will still be there, the temptation, waiting to pounce;

Just as darkness always waits to swallow the light in its dark cloak,

for as long as this world lives;

And nobody can say Lie will give up fighting for a place in the vulnerable mind,

to make a mind torture itself trying to define which is right and which is wrong,

trying to do good in a world where bad still abides.

It is a suffering soul which has two minds:

always striving, but not fighting,

always in want, but not in need,

always hungry, but never thirst;

All the wrong things to overcome, yet no righteousness to follow…

satisfied always with the lesser things in life, and not knowing it,

because Lies have taken root.

This is why a choice needed to be made for necessity’s sake;

Choose one or the other: Truth or Lies;

Do not be double-minded.

And for your soul’s sake,

I pray you choose Truth.

Psalm 119:30 KJV
“I have chosen the way of truth: thy judgments have I laid before me.”

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