Poetry : If I Could But

Poetry : If I Could But

A Poetry For the Regretful.

IF I COULD but have yet again,
The past which I have lost,
I would have it not the same,
But live it to the most.

If I could but have yet again,
Those times which have passed,
My life I would regain,
To my Love, I would hold on fast.

If I could but have still more,
Of those things I have loved, then lost,
In the treasury of my heart, them I will store,
Because they meant to me the most.

If I have my life to live again,
Of a surety I’d live it differently;
Too many regrets, too many pain –
But now for Joy, I would have eternally.

Because things were what I never wanted,
Life went the way I never planned;
But I pray that this time to me that is granted,
Will be lived to the fullest, and not in vain.

(Author : ML Samuel, @Copyright2018)

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