Thoroughly Embarrassed

Thoroughly Embarrassed

Have you ever been embarrassed by anyone before? I’m certain the answer is “Yes!” for all of us.

But have you ever been embarrassed by anyone in public before? I’m certain that for many of us the answer is also “Yes!”

The Embarrassing Incident

Just the other night, a female acquaintance said to another younger, married and still childless female friend, “Hey, by next year you must give birth already in order to get the benefits from our government.” She said it quite loudly and without a care that other people were around to hear.

My other friend was quite embarrassed at that woman’s rather thoughtless assumption, but tried to cover it up by simply saying, “As if it’s that easy.”

The unsubtle woman laughed and obviously was going to say more on the subject and most certainly would have embarrassed my friend more. So, I quickly and firmly but mildly interjected, “C’mon now, don’t just say things like that willy-nilly like it’s not a big deal. Have a care.”

But then that woman was embarrassed by my remark towards her and she beat a hasty retreat.

Oy. Some people think nothing about embarrassing others but then get embarrassed quickly themselves even when presented with the truth. What was I supposed to have done, let my friend be thoroughly embarrassed in public?

Being embarrassed by someone you care about is especially hard to handle. You trust them with your feelings and reputation, but then they say or do something to make you lowly in others’ eyes. Perhaps you might say that you don’t care, but there’s no denying that initially you do care.

The point is, we know how it feels like to be embarrassed, whether the other person does it intentionally or not. So have a care how we talk to or treat others. Don’t embarrass each other; do unto others what we want done unto ourselves.


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