Soldier And Warrior

Soldier And Warrior

Anyone can put on a uniform, hold a rifle and call himself a soldier, but not all soldier is a Warrior. A Warrior is always a Soldier. What is the difference?

Bible reading : Ephesians 6:10-18

I know a young man from my church who became a soldier. His mom came to me to talk about him, seeking counsel and prayer for her son.

I asked her, “Why did he choose a career in the army?”

She replied, “He couldn’t get anything else. After his contract is up in several years, if he wants, he get to retire with full lifetime pension at a young age.. God willing, in the meantime, he wouldn’t be posted anywhere far or into a fight zone.”

I asked, “Is that a possibility, that he might see a battle of some sort?”

She said, “Probably not, but you never know in these uncertain times. I hope not. He hopes not. He’s not that much into fighting.”

I said, “Oh I see. Well, he’s a soldier now. You’re right. He might have to fight.”

The mother was momentarily silenced. She probably hadn’t really accepted the very real possibility that her son will have to use his army-issued weapons of warfare whether in offense or defense, against the enemy of our country and people. It was a very troublesome thought for a parent to have, and rather ominously she deducted.

We had a rather long talk, and a few more after. We prayed for the young man. The mother could only hope that he will remember his Lord and do the right thing, as expected not only as a soldier of our Country, but more importantly as a Warrior of the Living God.

But the point I want to point out here is that, a soldier is one who fights a battle with a real enemy. That is what makes him not merely a man in a uniform who has a gun. But, rather that he is a disciplined man of honor and loyalty who faces the enemy, and fights that enemy. His main goal is to triumph over the enemy and liberate the subjugated of the foe. He uses every available weapons and tactics of warfare given to him by his Most High Commander, and he wins.

The soldier cannot be afraid to face the enemy, but if he is than he must not desert his position of defense or offense but rather to gather his courage and march forth into battle. He stares down his foe and challenger, and in honor of his cause he will fight to win. Because he is a warrior, he is also not a coward, a traitor or a deserter. He is a defender and the first to stand firm in the face of rampaging foes. In addition, he will fight to the end, and he will be loyal to his cause. He is not alone, but there are other Warriors just like him. The soldier will triumph and share in the Glory.

Now that is a Warrior, not just a Soldier.

So, let’s put on our Armour and fight the enemy. In His Name, Lord Jesus, our Banner, we will win over evil.


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