My Reading Poet

Initially called “Save The Child”, I have since changed my main Blog to first “The Reading Poet”, then lastly (hopefully) to My Reading Poet. This blog’s function however, remains the same, mainly : to read, to write and to share my favorite topics.

This is a place to record and share certain Biblical verses which inspire me and help shape my life. As such, I hope to share a verse daily because I believe that The Word is our Daily Bread, and we need the food to survive. For this, I present my findings in Devotional form.

I believe that we, anyone of us still need guidance, comfort, reassurance, encouragement, correction and hope. I find that for myself, The Bible verses work best for each and all situations.

Sometimes I have dreams, although these days they are few and far between. They might mean nothing or they might contain prophetic meanings. However, they are always fascinating. I don’t always remember my dream, but I remember how I feel after each one.

Thoughts are always running. Hopefully they remain good thoughts.

It is true that thoughts are free. Sometimes, your thoughts need to be written down because of reasons.

I find that sometimes I have ideas and thoughts which I want to write down so I can revisit them at a later date in order to expand on them; such as my ideas and inspirations for poems or short stories.

I figure, why not keep a journal for them? This way I have an organized and accessible place to store them, until later.

I also write on different categories, such as poetry, short stories, funny stories (real or fiction), and post pictures or the occasional videos. Whatever makes life interesting and full of hope.

Be well, and I hope anyone who finds their way into my humble abode will enjoy themselves.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

When I’m on the web, I love to do three things: read, write and share. Reading is the easiest part since that’s my favorite hobby. I love it that I can find literally any favorite subjects of mine to read for free online. To give back for all the free reading, I thought, “Well, it’s not much and I’m not that good at it, but I’ll contribute and write. Maybe someone will like it and read for free. And maybe I’ll get better at writing while I’m at it!”

So here I am, with a brand new WordPress site (coming at almost three months old at this time of editing this article).

I’ve always wanted to write and so I started this site in order to do so. This is me sharing.

In a way, this is another journey I’ve begun, with no particular one destination in mind, but just to take a leisurely walk and learn along the way. Making stops here and there, you can learn a lot from the places you have been to, the people you meet, the experiences you share, the words you talk, the conversations you have, the sights you see.

I believe having a site like this where you can share your thoughts freely is just like that, making a journey into the not-so-unknown. Hopefully, there will be good company along the way, even if the companion is silent while making their presence felt in such a way.

So, this Thirsty, Reading Poet has a journey to continue, things to read, write and share. See you along the way, my travelling companions!


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